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Country Club de Chapala
Chapala, Jalisco Mexico

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Jose Diaz

Jose Diaz

- Born in 1945 in México City
- Mechanical Electrical Engineer by the Universidad de Guadalajara 1966
- MBA by the ESCA IPN in Mexico City 1974
- MB in International Trade by Bancomext and the Israel Government 1978
- MBA by the Central Michigan University 1995
- Professional Experience in several Mexican, American, Canadian, Singaporean and Swedish Corporations mainly in the Automotive, Steel and Electronic Industries.
- Member of the CCC since 1999, and part of the CCC BOD since 2001 being part of the Financial Committee and Treasurer for the Club.
- Comisario, Treasurer, President, and Legal Representative of the Colonos Vista del Lago Association since 2006 and until last February that I resigned as the Legal Representative of Colonos.

- Nacido en 1945 en la Ciudad de México
- Ingeniero Mecánico Electricista por la Universidad de Guadalajara 1966
- Maestría en Administración de Empresas por la ESCA del IPN 1974
- Postgrado en Comercio Internacional por Bancomext en combinación con el Gobierno de Israel 1978
- Maestría en Administración de Empresas por la “Central Michigan University” 1995
- Experiencia Profesional en varias compañías Mexicanas, Americanas, Canadiense, Singapureana y Sueca principalmente en las áreas Automotriz, Acero y Electrónica.
- Miembro del Country Club de Chapala desde 1999 y parte del consejo directivo desde el 2001 hasta el 2006 siendo parte del comité de Finanzas y Tesorero del mismo.
- Fui parte del consejo directivo de Colonos de Vista del Lago desde el 2006 siendo Comisario, Tesorero, Presidente y Representante Legal de Colonos hasta Febrero pasado que renuncié como Representante Legal.

Carol Peel
Vice President / Secretary

Carol Peel

My husband, Dusty, and I joined CCChapala in February 2014. We have made so many wonderful friends since joining this organization and are both very fortunate. We moved to Ajijic in February 2011 from Nashville, TN.

I have experience as a Regional Operations Manager for a chain of furniture stores in Alabama. Part of this responsibility was day to day operations of all stores, customer service and overseeing warehouse functions. I was responsible for managing operating costs and budget expectations for all facets of the business and to create reasonably and optimistic Profit and Loss Annual Statements.

I was an electronic buyer for a national retail chain after moving to Nashville, TN in 1997 for several years. I then went back into the furniture retail business sales department. I was very successful in that venture for over 10 years until I had to resign under the direction of my physician due to health issues.

Thankfully since our move to Ajijic I have been physically able to lead as close to a normal life as possible for someone with Multiple Sclerosis. I am so blessed for the opportunity to live in this area and to have my life back. I took golf lessons two years ago and really enjoy being able to play golf "eight" days a week as my husband puts it.

Ernie Sowers

Ernie Sowers

My wife and I retired in mid- 2006 and immediately moved from Reading, PA to the Lake Chapala area; we have been full time residents ever since, and plan to spend many more years lakeside. I have been a member in good standing of CCC since January of 2007. I served on the BOD as House Chair in 2008, 2009, and 2011: generating a small profit in 2009 and 2011 on the food and beverage service and coming in under budget every year on the club house expenses. IF elected to the 2016 BOD I would like to serve as Treasurer. My goal would be to bring transparency, fairness and value to the club membership, while seeing that each department adheres to the budget approved by the club membership. I worked in information systems for over 25 years. Retiring from VFC (world’s largest apparel company; 248 on the Fortune 500) after over 22 years of service: I was the CIO of the retail division when I retired in May of 2006. As CIO I was directly responsible for a 5 million dollar budget and was indirectly responsible for another 15 million dollars. I designed, developed, and implemented a retail accounting system that supported a 425 million dollar business; which was ultimately implemented a 2 other VCF retail divisions. In 2002 I was part of the corporate management team charged with overseeing and implementing the Sarbanes/Oxley requirements for all of the VFC’s retail financial systems

Robbie Edwards
Greens Chair

Robbie Edwards

My name is Robert Edwards. My wife Marilyn and I have three children and four grandchildren. We purchased our home here in Vista del Lago in December 2006, and I retired to live here permanently in July, 2010. I hold a Master Construction and Maintenance Electrician License. I worked for Ontario Hydro and Atomic Energy of Canada building Nuclear Power Plants for 38 years. I worked recently in China, Romania and South Korea as the Construction Manager of Electrical and Control Instrumentation.

I am still an active member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union. I was a Union Stewart and Executive member of my Local Union, and I am very familiar with running meetings with Roberts Rules of Order. I am currently the Maintenance Director of the Vista del Lago Colonos.

Rod Pye
Golf Chair

Rod Pye

Rod retired in January 2009 after a 40 year career in the international mining industry. He managed the development of new mining operations in USA, Côte d'Ivoire, Tanzania and Mexico, held senior management positions in major mining companies in Zambia, South Africa and Chile and was an officer in a prominent Canadian mining consulting firm which he helped to form.

Rod has been a member of CCC Since mid-2009 and has been a regular participant in men's day, Go-Go and various annual competitions at the club.

He served as editor of Tee Talk during an eighteen month period and is married to Maggie who served on the CCC BOD for more than two years.

Laurie Becker-Zibnack
House Chair

Laurie Becker-Zibnack

Jeff and I are now in our second year as retirees in Mexico and loving it. We relocated to Vista del Lago 10 months ago and have enjoyed being very active golfers and social members. My educational background is in nutrition and I earned by BS from San Jose State University in 1996. Initially I wanted to become a Registered Dietitian, however while doing my internship at the VA Hospital in San Francisco; I discovered that my true interest was working in Food Service and with the elderly. I was hired by an Assisted Living Company in 1998 as Food Service Director where I was responsible for budget control, ordering, scheduling staff and housekeeping. After one year in this position I was promoted to Executive Director and my responsibilities were to work with and direct the Food Service, Maintenance, Assisted Living and Activities Directors. My Executive Director positions lead me to transfer to a much larger community where we housed independent, assisted and dementia residents. I worked closely with all my Directors in achieving the highest level of satisfaction for our residents in all areas of everyday living. We planned many special events that included residents, staff and outside participants. I found it enjoyable and rewarding working with my staff to create new and exciting events for our residents and for my employees. I pride myself in being a good listener, quick learner, brainstorming and working well with others. I feel I am ready to be a more active member of CCC, and that our members will not be disappointed with the skills I would bring to the club. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Kathryn Vine
Membership Chair

Kathryn Georgia Vine

Kathryn has been a full time resident at Lakeside since 2000. She has served on the CCC Board for several terms since 2001 and on the membership committee continuously since that time.

Kathryn retired after 33 years in secondary education in Ontario.

Javier Alatorre Gonzalez
Long Term Planning Chair

Javier Alatorre Gonzalez

Raymond Turner
Social Chair

Raymond Turner

I am a Canadian and I have been a member of the Country Club de Chapala for three years. I own and operate a business in Kelowna, British Columbia which allows me to divide my time between Mexico and Canada. 70% in Mexico 30 % in Canada. I am an avid golfer. My wife Dawn and I golf five times a week. We attend and enjoy the social events at the club and appreciate all of the opportunities the club affords us to enjoy our Mexican experience. I am prepared to serve the members of the Country Club de Chapala to the best of my ability and as a board member I will aiming to improve the communication between the board and club members (information is power) and making sure the Country Club de Chapala remains the jewel that it is.

Brad Clark
Communication Chair / Tee Talk Editor

Brad Clark

I was a member of the Canadian Forces for 23 years, working as an electronics and computer technician supporting the Canadian Forces Communications systems.

During my time in the military, I was stationed on bases across Canada, Germany and a short stint in Italy. In addition, I was stationed for one year as a United Nations Peacekeeper in Egypt.

After retiring from the military, I moved to Bermuda where I worked as an IT consultant. I was the President of an IT Support company which provided IT guidance and support to all business verticals. We specialized in all aspects of Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco networking and Firewalls. Upon leaving Bermuda, my wife, Johanna and I moved to Merida in the Yucatan, where we lived for 3 years. Finally we decided to move to Ajijic, where we have lived and taken up golf for the past 3 years.

Agustin Rosas
Member at Large

Agustin Rosas

Dusty Peel

Dusty Peel

My wife Carol and I have lived in Ajijic for four years. We came here since it is one of the best places on earth for Carol's MS. We have been members of CC of Chapala for one year. We played and I marshaled for two years before joining. I studied business administration at North Texas University. I was a four year elected member of the Board of Governors at Woodlake CC in San Antonio, TX. We had 600 members (450 golfers). I have also been a member of several other clubs in the US.I served in the US Army as a tank driver and instructor. I spent 42 years in furniture manufacturing, retail and importing. Since I am very analytical my talents were opening new markets and correcting underperforming areas. I have volunteered for three years at the Lorena Ochoa tournament as well as several LPGA and PGA/SENIOR PGA tournaments NOB. We have made many great new friends at the club and I would appreciate the opportunity to help the club grow and prosper in the future.

Guillermo Cardoso Nelky
Alternate Comisario

Guillermo Cardoso Nelky

My full name is Guillermo Cardoso Nelky, I was born on November 7, 1947 in Mexico City and completed my studies at the Colegio Aleman Alexander von Humboldt. Later I completed my studies at La Salle University in Mexico City to continue post graduate studies in 1972 overseas. Then I married Gloria Jean Nagel Morales and we have a daughter, Veronica and three granddaughters currently living in San Diego, California with her husband. As for my professional development I did my first job as administrator of the candy and chocolate factory Elite, owned by my family to hire me later with US investment firm Invest Mentor for 3 years and hen started my career as an independent in the business area which merges several companies in different spins that later sold to retire from business.

Mi nombre completo es Guillermo Cardoso Nelky , nací el 7 de Noviembre de 1947 en la Ciudad de México y cursé mis primeros estudios en el Colegio Aleman Alexander von Humboldt . Posteriormente cursé mis estudios universitarios en la Universidad la Salle de la Ciudad de México para continuar estudios de postgrado en el extranjero. En 1972 me casé con Gloria Jean Nagel Morales y tenemos una hija de nombre Verónica y tres nietas que viven actualmente en San Diego, California con su marido. En cuanto a mi desarrollo profesional mi primer trabajo lo hice como administrador de la fábrica de dulces y chocolates Élite, propiedad de mi familia para posteriormente contratarme con la firma de inversiones estadounidense Invest Mentor por 3 años para después comenzar mi carrera como independiente en el área de negocios donde funde varias empresas de muy diversos giros que posteriormente vendi hasta retirarme de los negocios.

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